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Това е проект за преброяването на LINUX потребителите по СВЕТА, 
Отидете на този адрес и *РЕГИСТРИРАЙТЕ* себе си като LINUX потребител!!! *РЕГИСТРИРАЙТЕ*  Вашата машина, работеща под LINUX!!!
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/bin/sh; #A page for UNIX SHell scripting™
Yet another page about UNIX shell scripting!
Linux Problems DB
Линукс: проблеми и решения - опитал съм се да поставя началото на нещо, дали съм успял ще кажете вие, и надявам се ще помагате.....
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Съдържа мнения, критики, алтернативи и други видове отзиви за страницата. Препоръчително е да се прочете...
Интересни BG Linux линкове:
  • My C/C++ libraries - download library sources that I use in most of my projects.
  • Abstract DataBase Connector - under GPL!!!! - C++ library for making database connections with several databases for UNIX and Windows (same source code), under GPL
  • CGI_Core - official page - This is a database related web tool for integrating databases and web. It is very flexible, but is restricted to databases. You can extend it with custom programs or scripts. If you want to make your database web-visible - this desition is for you. If you want to make strong 100% NON DATABASE RELATED application see Free Server Pages. (Take a look at FSP Conceptual version)
  • FSP - "Free Server Pages" - This is intersting web related project for developing FREE tool for making web pages with embeded scripting (C/C++, Perl, Java, Basic, Pascal, Fortran, TCL ...and... ANY other language that you can imagine...).
    Free Server Pages HTML will be look simillar to Microsoft ASP and/or Sun JSP
    Take a look at FSP Conceptual version!!!
  • FSP Conceptual version - this is not exactly project, this is "pylon" that mark the way to scripting serious WWW base applications, such as FSP, CGI_Core and HTSH
  • Octarion - Object-oriented, Scalable, Multi platform HTTPd. My first STRONG:))) project. It is a web server, written completely in JAVA. Download it from (HERE). It is under GPL. Decompress CLASSES (need). Add CLASSES to CLASSPATH. Compile it (javac Configure it (/madsoft/ws/*.ini). Run it (java
    Octarion is tested under: Win 95/NT (Sun JDK), Win NT (Alpha, DEC JDK), Linux 2 (Green Threads JDK Port).
    I know that it is UNSTABLE!!!
    I wrote it for learning JAVA and HTTP before some years.
    More coming very soon (when I've more time)!
Design is nothing, data is important :)))
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