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FSP Conceptual version released!!!

What is "Free Server Pages"

FSP is interesting web-related project for making tool for embeding ANY program language into the web page source.

This project is very different from Microsoft ASP, because ASP is server side parcer/translator. FSP will use language compillator (compiller). If you want to make pages with embeded perl script, the FSP system will use perl for translating, if you want to use C/C++, system will start GNU C compiller. Maybe your first think will be that this will be very slow solution. This is not true, because system will compille target only if it really need (such as make tool).

The FSP will be free under GPL.

It will be realized with Perl 5 language, and will be strong oriented to UNIX-like OS. The FSP will have a version for other OS, like Windows 95/98/NT or MacOS, but this will be our future work.

FSP will work as standart CGI-BIN handler.

We still thinking about FSP HTML structure, but we think that it will be simillar to ASP or JSP.

There is a simple FSP demo using C++

<TR><TH ColSpan = 3>SQR</TH></TR>
   for(int i=0; i < 5; i++)
      printf("<TR><TD>%d</TD><TD>%d</TD></TR>", i, i*i);
the result will be:
No Square
0 0
1 1
2 4
3 9
4 16

Compare to ASP, JSP and GJSP

ASP and most of realisation of JSP are translators. FSP is not. It use language compiller (perl, gcc, gpc etc.)

ASP use VB or JavaScript. JSP use JAVA language. FSP will use ANY language.

This abstraction is very good, but makes some problems too. One of them is "header" and "footer" scripting:

program foo(input, output);
var i:integer;
   for i:=1 to 10 do
      writeln(i, ' ', i*i, ' ', i*i*i);

There FSP need of special additional HTML tag, to declare variable 'i'. In C/C++ there will be not problem like this:

void main(){
   for(int i=0+1; i<10+1; i++)
      printf("%d %d %d", i, i*i, i*i*i);

But C/C++ will have a problem, if you want to write a procedure/function, or when you want to include C/C++ '*.h' file. These problems are fixed in JSP with 'import' HTML tag, but ASP cannot use it.

Another problem is "<%= xxx %>" tag. We can use it only for string data, because we do not know the file types. Unlike ASP and JSP, we must use it:

<%= int2str(i) %> or <%= int2str(i*i + 28) %>


<%= i %> or <%= i*i + 28 %>

In fact this tag is not so used, we think...

Unlike ASP and some realisation of JSP, ASP use directory for compilled pages. This mean that every page will be twice on the disk - in standard form and in compilled.

In the end, you get FSP free, open source, under GPL!!!


date description
07.1999 The *BIG* idea
07.1999 Logo
11.1999 FSP Conceptual version released


We working hard to make FSP stable enought for downloading...

Very soon we shall make first ALPHA version available for downloading.

Please check this section again soon!

Take a look at FSP Conceptual version!!!


There you will find related documents:

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More links

The Free Server Pages team:

nmmm Nikolay Mijaylov
Zero_G Momchil Nenov
Shtir Todor Stoyanov
sdanev Slav Danev


(: You can join too :)

What if I want to join the project

We shall be very happy, if you want to join us :)))

We shall be very happy, if you tell us what you think about all this...

Contact to Nikolay Mijaylov (, who organize this project...

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The free server pages team