C/C++ Libraries

What is this? 
I made this page because a friend of mine request me. There are libraries that I use when making programming under Linux. My programming style is a little PASCAL-like so be ready for everything (ha ha ha:)))))
  • For using these libraries, you'll need special Makefile, you may see one in directories with demos (like /dbtest/* or /xml/*)
  • Do not forget to send me a comments or bug reports :))
  • These libraries are under GPL.
./mad/* (./xml/* & ./expr/*)
This is couple of files with common purpose. There are defines like directory separator char ('\' or '/'), boolean data type (true/false), JAVA-like Properties and StringTokerizer classes, StringBuffer class, multi purpose Coder and Parser classes, idea for log (using C++ like "stdlog"), XML parser,  mathematical expression evaluator etc.

There are special header file using for porting between:

  • Borland C++ for DOS
  • C++Builder
  • G++ for Linux
  • G++ for FreeBSD
  • G++ for CygWin (POSIX layer for Windows)
  • Ms Visual C++

Now I'm working on shared library mad.so. It works fine AND I TESTED it on FreeBSD. And I still do not like my Makefile :)

This directory contain A_DBC - this is C++ library for making database connections with several databases for UNIX and Windows (same source code), see Abstract DataBase Connector for more.
Download *ALL* these (except A_DBC) from HERE
Download A_DBC from HERE
1997 - 2000
Nikolay Mihaylov Mihaylov