/bin/sh; #A page for UNIX SHell scripting™

What is the topic here:
This is bage for UNIX shell scripting. Shell script is available on every UNIX machine, it is very flexible for making a short (or not so:) programs (batch files). If you know it - It is perfect. You can made everything with it - from WWW counter (log analizer), to HTTPd, POP3d or SQL based RDBMS(!!!)
  • C/C++ programs in help with SHell scripting (_NEW_)
    • mktemp - mktemp() interface for SHell script
    • code - encoding/decoding several formats (HTML, C++, URL etc...). Required mad.tar.gz
    • nmmmail - /bin/sh interface for sendmail (nmmmail.mime - same but for MIME content)
  • Available if e_mail me.
    • Interactive Apache passwd editor - If your users need to change it but don't know anything about UNIX :)))
    • e_Mail parser - Utility for easy piping e_mails to programs...
  • HTSH - HTml SHell - embedding SHell script in HTML files, like ASP, PHP or FSP. Only 2KB :o)))
    IMPORTANT: take a look at FSP Conceptual version!!!
  • The server status script (and one idea for embedding SHell script into HTML for CGI)
  • (My) automatic, remote, backup solution - how to make backup on Internet dedicated server...
  • Misc scripts (in one big file)
    • System watch dog
    • Respawn a crashed service
    • WWW reminder
    • mpg123 extention
    • fromdos extention
    • Apache HTTPd log analyzer/WWW counter
Cool link
This is a page especialy for KornSHell. Very, very, GOOD. There you can find many examples and SQL RDBMS, writted in KSH. Address is: http://members.xoom.com/_XOOM/dfrench/kshweb.html
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