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PHP Programmers to read this:
Sending spam through PHP/HTML forms
System administrators to read this:
Sendmail to Postfix migration
Growing software RAID5 array on Linux and resizing ext3 filesystem
PHP/APC tests
Cassandra bloom filter config (JVM Heap problem)
PHP-FPM vs Apache MOD_PHP vs Nginx proxy to Apache MOD_PHP
Най-новите статии публикувани на сайта:
Каква е приликата между Социалните осигуровки, Ото фон Бисмарк и Пловдивските фараони? Кой е баш-фараона?
На всички тези въпроси, а и на някой други, отговаря последната ми статия.

Банкиране с частичен резерв или защо банките имат над 50% печалба.
Всички мислим, че знаем как работят банките. Но дали е така?
Прочетете статията за да разберете защо банките работят на ръба на закона и често печалбата им стига над 100%.

Carry Trade банкови кредити.
Защо банките предлагат кредити в швейцарски франкове, и дали лихвите по тези кредити са наистина толкова ниски колкото изглеждат.
Today on the page:
Computers/Internet news:
  • Something strange going in INTERNIC's Microsoft record. Look at local copy of whois here. This is fixed now.
  • Microsoft Was hacked, wow:)
  • Europe opens to Open Source?!? more and more
  • US Government is making *LARGEST* Linux cluster - 250 dual CPU (the link is in BG language at Triada)
  • Linux users group Bulgaria (LUG-BG) has a new domain: http://www.linux-bulgaria.org/
  • Microsoft Personal Web Server SUCKS. It is VERY dangerous for use - found more here
  • Sun BUYS Stardivision - more.
    • Sun for StarOffice: "...Free for personal and commercial use; pay only for services and support..."
    • Sun for StarOffice: "...source code available via community source licensing..."
  • SOME of the winers from "LinuxWorld Editors Choice Award" - more
    • RDBMS - PostGreSQL - more, second: Oracle8i
    • HTTPd - Apache 1.3.6 - more, second: Squid
    • Communication - Netscape - more
    • Graphics/Art - GIMP - more
  • France telecom will use LINUX! - more
  • Yahoo BUYS Roketmail - more
  • Debian changes its logo - more
  • WinAmp is now FREE! - more
  • Linux Counter changes its logo - more
  • BNT page was cracked (30.07.1999)
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Web page news:
  • [19.07.2005] New tool for monitoring and optimizing MySQL here
  • The new article in "boox" page, called "German VISA - HOW TO"
  • My CV has changed
  • My old C/C++ page started again (with different design but with same and rich content:)
  • My old Pascal/Delphi site started again (with different design but with same content:)
  • 1 year A_DBC
  • A_DBC now supports INFORMIX
  • FSP Conceptual version ready: It's a conceptual test tool, made for testing FSP concepts, new CGI_Core libraries and for fixing HTSH bugs. Available for downloading. Distribution: GPL
  • I began total redesign CGI_Core. It will be available soon:
    • Faster, Simpler and Easier
    • XML like modular design (you can develop your own modules)
  • HTSH - Web related tool for embedding SHell script into HTML pages. Look VERY similar to Microsoft ASP, Sun JSP, PHP and of course FSP.
  • My CV is updated
  • Starts "Secure DOWN™" page - a collection of exploits, securit holes, etc, founded by ME:)))
    • Microsoft Personal Web Server SUCKS. It is VERY dangerous for use - more
  • The old Octarion project is available for downloading on Linux Page
  • New message in feedback
  • /bin/sh; #A page for UNIX SHell scripting™
  • OK, I fixed my design bug with Netscape :)
  • Redesign of Linux Problem db page
  • New CGI_Core mirror started http://core.nmmm.nu/
  • Problems with my old page in www.nsi.bg
About ME
Who am I ? I know, but do you know? Visit my other web page...
See my CV
Pages about Pascal and Delphi programming for DOS and Windows. Currently I using Delphi, only for custom commercial applications (that you'll never be interested), but you may see my (old) existing Delphi applications and components here. You may see my Delphi projects on TORRY as well.

The Java/JBuilder project Octarion is available for download from Linux pages.

If you never meet with Linux, I warm recommend you to see my Linux pages.

C/C++ pages
This are pages for SIMPLE C/C++ programs, maded by me. Some of them I made to HELP my friends.

If you like to see some more complicated C/C++ programs, you may CHECK my Linux pages.

(The Java/JBuilder project Octarion is available for download from Linux pages.)

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What's new:
  • Not exactly Linux: PHP Tool for monitoring MySQL here
  • A_DBC - abstract database connector for UNIX and Windows - provide same source compatible connection to 11 databases including INFORMIX and DYNAMIC ELF LOADER.
  • /bin/sh; #A page for UNIX SHell scripting™
  • FSP - "Free Server Pages" - Web related project for developing FREE tool for making web pages with embeded scripting. Look FSPC too.
  • CGI_Core - Database related web tool for integrating databases and web. Look FSPC too.
XML / XSL Page
Comming soon!
Secure DOWN™
Page about security holes, exploits etc... that's found by me. All info is posted to www.rootshell.com and www.insecure.org
This is a database related web tool for integrating databases and web. It is very flexible, but is restricted to databases. You can extend it with custom programs or scripts. If you want to make your database web-visible - this desition is for you. If you want to make strong 100% NON DATABASE RELATED application see Free Server Pages. (Look FSPC too)
Eclipse page
My page for total solar eclipse 11.aug.1999, Bulgaria
Boox Online
Go there and read what I wrote... (all text are in Bulgarian)
Planing a trip in Germany? Look an article called "German VISA - HOW TO"!
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