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(Last Update: 03-08-2000)

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 Personal details:

Name: Nikolay Mihaylov Mihaylov
Postal address: Bulgaria
Sofia 1231
Nadejda 6 bl. 602 vh. "B" et. 9 ap.98
Nikolay Mihaylov
Home telephone: Bulgaria, Sofia, (+359 2) 37-06-23
Cellular telephone: Bulgaria, (+359) (0) 88/83 21 33
Work address: Bulgaria
Sofia 1000
4, "Lubata" Str.,
Skillbrokers Bulgaria
Nikolay Mihaylov
Office telephone: Bulgaria, Sofia, (+359 2) 962 57 51
OWN Internet domain:
E_Mail addresses: NMMM@NMMM.NU - I prefer this one
Office E_Mail addresses: NMMM@WebFactory.BG
ICQ: 5262978
Date of birth: 03 January 1974
Place of birth: Sofia, Bulgaria
Nationality: Bulgarian
Language skills: Bulgarian,
Russian (perfect),
English (fluent)
Marital status: Single
Online photo:

(be sure you have open connection)

Experience summary: Programming, Object - oriented programming, Intranet/Internet programming, Relational Data Base Design, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), PC Supporting, Server Administration, WWW & CGI design e.c.t.
Education: Since 1996:
Student in Technical University - Sofia,
Speciality "Computer systems"

1989 - 1993:
Technical school T.S.E."A.S.Popov" - Sofia, especially "Communications",
Diploma thesis: "Interface Telephone - PC"

Driving: Full Bulgarian Drivers License (car, bus) since 1993. No penalty points.



1998 RDBMS Design (Informix) NDB Bulgaria (Informix business partner)
1998 Informix New Era NDB Bulgaria (Informix business partner)
1998 Arc View GIS Invest (ESRI business partner),
This certificate documents (papers) are loosed!!!
1999 PowerSoft Power Builder Acssior Bulgaria (IBM, PowerSoft, Informix business partner)
1999-05-31 RDBMS Developer Tekmetrics

You may look at for MY Online PID "25177"
  • my results
  • new certificates
  • expiration of these certificates.
1999-05-31 HTML Programmer
1999-07-28 Unix Administrator
1999-07-28 Linux Administrator



Operating Systems: DOS/Win/Novell related:
Ms DOS (9+ years), Ms Windows 3.XX (5+ years), Ms Windows 95 (4+ years), Ms Windows NT (4+ years), Novell Netware 3.12 (4+ years)

BeOS 5 ("UNIX" side of BeOS - hi level, "Windows" side - user) (3 months)

UNIX related:
SCO UNIX (4+ years), HPUX (2+ years), Digital UNIX (2+ years), Linux (2+ years), VMS (4+ years, base level)

Informix Workgroup Server for Windows NT (3+ years), Ms Internet Information Server (3+ years)

UNIX's: High level understanding of UNIX concepts, security, clustering, scripting including SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION, commercial virtual HTTPd (Web) hosting, virtual hosting with sendmail (e-mail server), Multimedia e-mail Extension (MIME, "e-mail attachments"), BIND 8 (DNS server), UNIX based RDBMS administration, BurnSH/KSH programming, C/C++ UNIX programming.
Languages: Pascal related:
Turbo Pascal (8+ years), Object Pascal (7+ years), Delphi (4+ years)

C/C++ related:
Borland C/C++ (3+ years), Borland C++ Builder (2+ years), GNU C/C++ for UNIX (2+ years), CC for BeOS, lex/flex (beginner), YACC/BISON (beginner)

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) "with Notepad" (2+ years), CSS for HTML (6 months), XML (abstract level, 6 months)

Internet/WAP (Wireless Access Protocol for mobile phones):
HDML (3 months), WML (3 months)

Java (2+ years), Java Script (very high, but not visual level, 1 years)

HTML embedded scripting:
PHP (6 months), Microsoft ASP (VB Script, JScript-I prefere it, 3 months), Apache/(Mod)Perl (admin only), JSP (Java Server Pages, beginner)

Applesoft and GWBasic (9+ years, non VB), SQL 89 / SQL 91 / ISQL (4+ years), Power Builder (3+ years)

RDBMS: Local:
Dbase (4+ years, user only), Paradox for Windows (4+ years, not PAL language), Delphi (4+ years), Borland C++ Builder (2+ years), Ms Access (4+ years, not VB for App)

Servers (for NT):
Informix/Informix New Era (3+ years, base level), Informix Workgroup Server for Windows NT (3+ years - admin), Sybase (3+ years - admin)

Servers (for UNIX):
Informix SE (6 months)

Non Commercial UNIX based SQL Servers, all at hi admin level:
mSQL 1.0 (12 mounths), mSQL 2.0 (2 years), MySQL (2 years), PostGreSQL (2 years), Interbase (2 years), MDBMS (2 years), Beagle (2 years)

Arc View (GIS, 2+ years), Arc Info (UNIX version, 2+ years, Base level)

Other software: Internet software:
Ms Front Page, WWW, IRC, FTP, TelNet

Paint and design software:
PhotoShop, PhotoStyller, PhotoPaint, PaintShop, Corel Draw, Brice e.c.t.

Office software:
Word for Windows, MS-Excel, Spreadsheets, Power Point, Star Office ect

Hardware PC/XT, PC/AT, Digital Alpha (1000, 4000, 8000), HP (RISK), PDP/11 (Base Level), any personal network hardware (such a LAN adapters), hubs, modems


 Employment history:

Feb 1999 System Administrator/Supporter, Web DataBase programmer/developer/designer

Skillbrokers Bulgaria, 4 Lubata Str, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
Webfactory Bulgaria, 4 Lubata Str, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria

Jan 1996 - Feb 1999 System Supporter (Install / deinstall / tuning / setup / fix software etc.), archiving, hardware support (Install / reinstall PC, PC components, LAN etc.), building small LAN, advising etc., Network System Administrator (Novell Netware 3.12, Windows NT, Informix Workgroup Server, Windows 3.11 / 95), Pascal / Delphi Programmer, WWW designer with Ms Front Page (My work can be seen at http://WWW.NSI.BG), JAVA programmer, GIS specialist (Arc View, Arc Info), RDBMS specialist (dbase 3+, Paradox 4/5/7, Delphi), Presentation design (Word for Windows, Microsoft Power Point and multimedia hardware), Guide lectures (DOS, Windows, Ms Word, MsExcel, Novel Netware for users etc.)

National Statistical Institute at the Bulgarian Parliament, 2 P. Volov Str, Sofia 1504, Bulgaria

Aug 1996 Training computer skills

“Obstestvo Znanie”, 19 Positano Str., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria

1995 - Jan 1996 Technique, Car Alarm systems

"Nedko TB", 47 Rakovski Str, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria

1990-1993 Various shop sales work (non technical)


 Participation in projects:

Oct 1999 Bulgarian country manager at Linux Counter.
(This is non commercial project for making Registration of Linux users/groups/computers all over the world)
Oct 1999 SaNTo - Web based (free) e-mail engine for UNIX, that understand MIME - Full database design and system core (the part of project that send, receive and parse e-mails) programmer, small part of HTML programming.

Links on the net:

March-Jun 1999 Strategy for Commercial Internet hosting. Currently I (in administer a server with more 20 domains, all with virtual e-mail and virtual www, databases, full backup solution etc. This all works automatic, under ONE physical server with ONE physical IP address.
Jan - Feb 1998 Documents administration & management for National Statistical Institute / Bulgarian Parliament
July 1997 Map design with ArcView for National Statistical Institute / EUROSTAT



08.1999 HTSH (HTmlSHell) - Implementation of embedded SHell script into HTML web pages, written completely on SHell script. (Similar to FSP, but this is different, completely separated project)
07.1999+ FSP - "Free Server Pages" - an interesting project for embedding ANY programming language (C, C++, Pascal, Perl, TCL, Basic, Java etc) into web pages, under General Public License. The Idea is not new (see Microsoft ASP or Sun JSP). Under development...
In Webfactory I made many projects for several clients. My "speciality" is CGI DataBase Web Programming. Some of projects (not almost all) are:
  • SIMS - Skillbrokers Information Management System - Job search engine. Soon this this engine will be moved to: ITJobs.Search.BG (at the biggest Bulgarian search engine on the net WWW.Search.BG)
  • IDP - Web based office system including administrator, mail, file and news server (I made all them except news server)
  • ASFA - Association of Special Fare Agents - I made the Administrator and the main CGI script that show ASFA members
  • Core Mail System - Web based multi user, multi group mailing list (for SPAM mail:)
  •, (and many others) - Free e-mails
  • - Web design/HTML coding/ASP programming
  • - GFK Bulgaria (test/inquiry/investigation engine)
  • - Web tracker - the main IDEA, CONCEPTS and ABSTRACT Realisation
  • - Free web marketing tool for "submition" to the most popular search engines in Internet - the main IDEA, CONCEPTS and ABSTRACT Realisation
  • etc.
03.1999 A_DBC - Abstract Data Base Connector - a project for building ODBC alternative for UNIX, Windows, BeOS and MacOS. (Making simple SQL connections to different database servers, without source code modifications. Some of supported commercial databases are: Informix, Interbase, ODBC/MFC etc.)
Result can be seen at:
02.1999 "CGI_Core" - Official release of "Gateway DB Core".
Target platforms: UNIX, Windows, BeOS
Can be seen at:
09.1998 "Gateway Core" - CGI library writed with C++
"Gateway DB Core - a program writed with same library, for providing DataBase Data to Web, without any programming.
1997 Build "Octarion" - full JAVA based web server (Full source on request. Info will avail at:
1997 Build some intranet programs (CGI) for National Statistical Institute .
1997 Build part of economical-profile system for internal use in National Statistical Institute .
1997 Build TExporter utility - util for exporting data in ANY format (HTML, RTF, TXT e.c.t.) (See This)
1997 Build "Coral Report Generator" - Windows RDBMS Report utility (See This)
1995-1996 Build "TE3" - DOS - based text editor (See This)
1995-1996 Build part of information database system for BG army.
1993-1994 Build several commercial DOS - based PC applications, include "TE1" and "TE2" - DOS - based text editors (See TE3)
1993 Build information database system for Technical school T.S.E."A.S.Popov" - Sofia
1992 Build "VCH - Virus CHeck" - Antivirus program (scan average 20 - 30 PC viruses, include "DIR II")
1990-1991 Build several PC games, include versions of Tetris and Tron (See Tetris for DOS and Tron3 for Windows)



Koos Schouten (+44) (0)7990-898494
Nikolay Georgiev (+359 2) 44 - 08 - 98 or
(+359 2) 43 - 401 + 658
Georgi Pachev (+359 2) 43 - 401 ext. 661 GPachev@NSI.BG
Svetoslav Nikolov (+359 2) 46 - 72 - 23 or
(+359 2) 43 - 401 ext. 686



Sports: Running
Art: Music, Design, Cinema, Computer Design Art etc.
Computers: Programming, UNIX, Mobile Communications, Internet etc.