C/C++ Page

What is this? 
I made this page because a friend of mine request me. There are sample C/C++ programs. Many of them I made for help my friends.
Pascal - like Strings with C++ Class
This program shows how wa can create C++ class for strings, including operator overloading. [Source]
Making PostGreSQL connection.
This program shows how we can write a program that connect to PostGreSQL database and request data from it. The example is not complicated at all. There are two versions. The new one HAS security BUGS(!!!) for educational purposes :))) [Source]
mktemp() interface for SHell script
Simple interface for SHell scripts [source]
Program encoding/decoding several formats (HTML, C++, URL etc...) for SHell scripts. You may see here some tricks with C preprocesor. [source] Required mad.tar.gz
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1997 - 2000
Nikolay Mihaylov Mihaylov